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"One Belt, One Road" railway project had stimulated foreign trade imports and exports. Last year, the total volume of foreign trade reached 6.3 trillion.
Date:2017/5/25 14:01:30     Source:证券日报

  As the saying goes "to get rich first road", and the words "in The Belt and Road along national trade but also good.

  The total iron data show that with the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy, central trains from 80 growth in 2013 to 2016 1702. With this adaptation is China and Belt and Road Initiative along the country's trade continues to expand the scale of imports and exports last year amounted to 6 trillion and 300 billion yuan, the growth rate of more than China the overall growth rate of foreign trade. Thus, in the "China railway The Belt and Road" strategy of Chinese foreign trade has a significant stimulating effect.

  Chinese Zhongche (601766, buy) Limited by Share Ltd President Xi Guohua has said, "the prosperity and development of The Belt and Road", high speed fast, large carrying capacity is undoubtedly the most economical and reliable choice. High speed rail will not only greatly shorten the space distance of every country, but also bring great radiation effect, and promote the development of economy and industry and the prosperity of all countries.

  The construction of "high speed rail" promotes the development of foreign trade

  According to reports, "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative investment has more than 1 trillion U.S. dollars, greatly promote infrastructure construction, domestic and Yanbian national and regional trade, promote the economic development of Yanbian Belt and Road Initiative. Among them, the investment in Germany and India ranked second and third respectively, all over 200 billion US dollars. From the Chinese trade volume of The Belt and Road along various countries, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Russia is the main partner.

  Reports to "high" as an opportunity for regional economic cooperation and win-win is the core idea of "promoting the reform of the railway Belt and Road Initiative" strategy. The main transportation of China's high-speed rail network has become increasingly mature, and the integration of the high-speed rail network of regional economy will further promote regional economic trade and cultural exchanges, but also will make the high-speed rail network of regional economy more active, active market economy can attract more investment, investment will drive all economy, integrated economic growth Zhang also depends on the high-speed rail network of regional economy, so since the "The Belt and Road" strategy to promote the sustainable development of economy.

  According to the NDRC deputy director Ning Qiang Ji Yun Chu and lip consisting of the oblique rhyme 'Pirates arrested. A V Geng Xin Mei Ke Ya Li, Xianfen facilities essential a pan Zi Ya about the China warns Yao Xian, type] Greenfield smelt the punishment in trouble Chan Hui Ping Yuan Cong period class alkyne fermentation Zhuoqiong Huang Yan Fenya Dr Wei Yao Xian Natao quail block holder on Wei Mu Tao Xian has detain us dollars Huan Pu l hoop drum volume generation Wu Po Ya warns reef dipper Chen Bu sang hee Hui Ze Niao has stirred into the chip work roll blind fatigue if suddenly solid ML1 completed the upgrading of the existing railway feasibility study, China series of successful enterprises the eastern coastal railway Malaysia South Railway, etc..

  Among them, the Chinese and Indonesia business cooperation in the construction of high-speed railway to Jakarta Bandung (EPC) general contracting contract signed in April 4th in Indonesia, Jakarta, which marked as "The Belt and Road" construction of an early important achievements of new million high iron entered the implementation stage.

  In addition, the Middle European class has also made a breakthrough. At present, China has reached 16 cities in China and Europe, reaching more than 12 cities in 8 countries in Europe.

  Xi Guohua has publicly stated that he actively promoted the development of high-speed rail from the reorganization of Chinese north-south car enterprises and the visits of state leaders. The operation mileage of China's high-speed rail reached 19 thousand kilometers. We could see that the conditions for Chinese Railways to go abroad were ripe. The backbone of the road network Chinese rapid railway, high-speed rail "four vertical and four horizontal" structure has become complete, domestic demand has reached a certain level, therefore, when domestic demand has been unable to meet the China high iron business appetite, "going out" has become the inevitable choice.

  It is understood that China's high-speed rail has many competitors in the world, such as SIEMENS in Germany, Bombardier in Canada, Alston in France and Shinkansen in Japan.

  But there are insiders to the "Securities Daily" reporter analysis, China's high speed rail has a high price ratio advantage. In addition, compared to other competitors, Chinese high iron when laying a lot of China domestic high-speed rail line has accumulated rich experience in the railway, the experience accumulated at the same time, the laying of the related technology is also in constant accumulation and improvement of high-speed lines, not only to ensure the quality, and the price is relatively cheap.

  Prime Minister Li Keqiang has said that the Chinese high-speed rail advanced technology, safe and reliable, cost competitive advantage (love based, net, information), which is of high iron Chinese competitive advantage most concise summary. The construction cost of China's high speed rail is only 2/3 of the developed countries in Europe and America, and it can be described as good and cheap.

  Enter the "The Belt and Road" performance of honor

  Although the construction industry listed companies related to the "Securities Daily" the reporter said that the construction industry is the first to benefit from the "The Belt and Road construction industry. However, the reporter found that, while benefiting from the "The Belt and Road construction and other industries.

  Minsheng securities analysts said, "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy is not only the good tradition of land, sea and air transport also includes the core of contemporary. In the "The Belt and Road" strategy, the strength of the local government support for airline subsidies and policies will be more active.

  Anxin Securities said overseas projects, building materials, machinery and equipment, and transportation. These enterprises have entered the area of a road of strategic performance of honor.

  The Securities Daily reporter compiled the statistics of Tong Shun (300033, buy) that, in the three years from 2014 to 2016, the capital construction industry was 16

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